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tel 07770 864658 Again COL1N is of 'use' to someone called Colin but not to Roy. The actual number plates are not included in the sale. Around the same time DY 1 was also issued and other short number plates to regional councils and government offices. Selling a private number. All registrations are subject to availability, DVLA transfer fees, the purchase of number plates, plus VAT where appropriate. There are 10 bands of fees which apply to the cherished numbers incorporating MAN or MN and 14 bands for the MANX range of numbers (all inclusive of VAT). Attracting buyers and spending time answering questions and conducting viewings can be tiring and tough on private sellers so we’ve created a personalised service designed to keep things simple. If you have a cherished number plate that you want to sell, if this is on a retention certificate then all we require is the valid V750 or V778 document which can usually be … If the number plate is available, then it may be offered at a future DVLA auction. Similarly, eBay has a large Cherished Number Section with an active community of number plate sellers and there are many specialist websites that sell personalised number plates, including:; Regtransfers; Newreg; Nationalnumbers These dateless plates are often highly prized. Inspiron Limited, Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX . Vehicle registrations are commonly known as cherished registrations, personal plates, cherished numbers, private plates, personalised number plates and cherished plates - but are legally known as registration marks. Buy a personalised number plate and take advantage of our free transfer service. To sell number plates on our site call us now on 0121 353 6666. Cherished Number Plates. In 2020 personalised car registrations are even more popular than ever. We will value all private plates that are registered at DVLA, whether on a V5 or on a DVLA certificate. Personal Number plates : Follow the law. At Plate Master we make it easy for you to buy and assign your ideal personalised number plate. If “A 1” and “1 A” – the UK’s ultimate cherished number plates – should ever be available on the open market again, we would estimate them to sell for around £5,000,000! We may have a buyer waiting! If you have a DVLA car registration you would like to sell, all you need to do is fill out our online valuation form. Sell My Number Plate is a classified listing site with the fastest growing community of private number plate buyers and sellers in the UK. Cherished Number Plate is the original term used to describe a registration mark that has intrinsic value due to an association with a name, a place, or because of the origin of the registration or because of its history.. * Interest Free finance available (subject to status) available on orders between £99 and £2,000. A relative of mine wants to sell his private number plate. Our number plate valuation service is available for existing owners of personalised number plates and personalised numbers. The assignment fee has been paid to the DVLA. Cherished numbers are also known as personalised plates, private plates, or cherished registrations. Our Free Transfer Service. We carry an extensive stock of our own … Important Note: PrimoRegistrations sell registrations owned by ourselves, our clients, and unissued government stock. Cherished number plates exist in two states - on a certificate of entitlement (showing you as the legal owner), or on a vehicle. Here on eBay, you can find a wide selection of cherished numbers including standard dated plates as well as dateless vehicle number plates so you can add a personal touch to your vehicle . Sell your number plate. Can I Sell My Private Number Plate? We have an extensive variety of cherished registrations in many combinations and to suit many budgets. Featured Plates. This demonstrates our dedication to getting you the private registration plate of your dreams. Company number: 09985059 Registered in England and Wales. Sell your number plate. The retention is in place until OCTOBER 2025. You can transfer a cherished plate from a vehicle to a certificate, or vice versa, with a DVLA fee of £80 payable to make a registration 'transferable'. Private cherished registrations or number plates are becoming more rare and difficult to find which now means they are commanding higher prices. Cherished number plates are great for personalising a vehicle as well as masking a vehicle's true age, and by coming to us, your plate purchase doesn't have to cost the earth. Our Free Transfer Service. Cherished Number Plates Cherished number plates which are also known as dateless or antique number plates are vehicle registration numbers that were first issued before 1963 and therefore do not have a suffix or prefix age identifier. Car registrations and number plates, including personalised number plates, in the UK are the responsibility of the Driver and Vehicle licensing Agency, usually known as the DVLA. We may have a buyer waiting! Personalised Cherished Number Plates. Because of their ‘cherished’ status, these plates are often quite expensive; in fact, the most expensive cherished number plate ever sold was bought for £518,000 in 2014. Message 1 of 13 (5,458 Views) All Valuations are Available Online. If you currently have a private number plate (on a vehicle or retention certificate), you will probably be eligible to sell or transfer your registration under the government ‘Cherished Registration Mark Transfer Scheme’. Sell Your Plate If you're attached to your number plate, or if it's been personalised you probably won't want to part with when you sell your vehicle.

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